The new mum advice you won’t hear (seriously)…

Because I’m a new mum I am, of course, full of useful tips that to me were like revelations and now all I want is to share the wisdom so if you’re interested in hearing a few gems that I never heard before Baby B was born then read on…

  • Go to the bathroom as soon as you get the urge. If you wait until you are busting that is when the baby will start to scream and won’t let you put him down for the next hour.
  • Showering a baby is a really easy option. It’s much less back breaking than using a baby bath and a good way to make sure you get a shower in at some point. I like to shower Baby B then pass him to his dad. Then I get to wash my hair in peace while he gets B dried and ready for bed time.
  • Make sure when you buy maternity dresses that they are nursing friendly. For the first few months after the birth you won’t fit in your old clothes and if you are anything like me you might have spent a bomb on maternity clothes only to find out you can’t feed in them. To avoid forking out for more temporary items of clothing just cover your bases in the first instance.
  • Get a night light. A standard lamp is too light but you need to see in the dark when you’re doing the night feeds. LED is good as it doesn’t get hot and it can be left on for ages. Sometimes I would fall asleep with the light still on and this way it didn’t matter.
  • Gaviscon is your best friend during the last trimester, the strawberry flavour isn’t as claggy as the original one.
  • Get your mum to move in with you for like at least the first 3 months. Seriously just do it!
  • DON’T buy baby jeans for a baby less than 10 months old. Waste of money.
  • Avoid fancy cot sheet sets. A fitted sheet is all you need because there is a 99% likelihood you’ll put baby in a sleeping bag.
  • Make your first date with your partner after baby a lunch date. It’s just easier and less stressful for all concerned.
  • Go to bed at 7pm for the first few months. You’ll be up every few hours anyway so it’s your only chance for a decent amount of sleep.
  • Consider occasional care from an early age if you don’t have a grandparent who can babysit. It’s really important to get some me time and a lot of people don’t realise this is an option. It can also be a good way to see how baby goes in a child care setting.
  • Spend some time building up your resolve in yourself. It sounds strange but you will need it. As a new mum you will question every decision you make and feel judged by every little bit of advice or criticism (however well meaning) that comes your way. Half the stress I’ve experienced about B’s sleep was really stress about how people would judge me if he didn’t sleep well – how stupid is that?! Now we just do what works for us and everyone else can mind their business. My back, my rod hehe.
  • DO NOT feel like a bad mum or bad wife etc for feeling overwhelmed or finding it tough. EVERYONE finds it tough – some more than others, but its hard for everyone. Not many people put their tough times on instagram so sure it looks like every other new mum is out having coffee with perfectly sleeping bubs in prams but trust me they all have their fair share of sleep deprivation, tears, pyjama days and mess.
  • You might feel guilty taking time for yourself. DON’T please don’t! you need to take care of you. You deserve to be happy (yes even if ‘shock horror!’ you need something other than your baby to be happy) and its ok for someone else to take care of the baby for a while.

There’s heaps of other things I’m sure but these are what comes to mind at the moment. Hope its helpful to someone!

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