Baby B’s 1st Birthday!

The 22nd of July2016. This time last year I was lying on a hospital bed with an epidural in my back dreamily snoozing in a morphine haze. I new that soon I’d meet Baby B but I had no idea what a ride the next 365 days was going to be. I’ll do more of an update in another post but today I’m focusing on today.

We arrived back in Australia after ten billion years in transit on the 20th and slept most of that day. We are staying with my parents in Melbourne so have Grandma and Grandad to help out heaps which is a godsend when jet-lagged. By yesterday a semblance of normality returned and the husband and I went out to buy B a cake.

I greatly admire the mums who pin for months and spend hours lovingly hand crafting the perfect fondant cake. I am not one of these mums though. We wandered into the cake shop with 5 minutes to go before cut-off and on the second page of the cake catalogue was the perfect cake. Our party was yum cha out with family and there might not have been candy bags, pony rides or a theme but it sure was yummy for mummy and daddy 😉


I just loved this cake! It wasn’t cheap but as we weren’t throwing a big party I was happy to splurge a little.


It was also delicious – although B won’t find out as he just wasn’t interested. Oh well, more for us 😉


I did try though. Even though I’m not keen on him having sugar I definitely make an exception for his own birthday cake.


He had fun unwrapping his present from Daddy.


Baby loves presents!


It might have been a simple affair but we had a lovely meal and a lovely time. His 12 month update and a recap on our journey home will be coming soon.

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