Summer in the South of France…

As our European adventure starts to wind down I finally have a moment to recap a little on the last 7 weeks here in the South of France. We are very very lucky that the Husband’s parents bought a little holiday property in a tiny village in France about 90 mins drive from Toulouse in the Lot department (Departments are like states). We chose to spend the last 8 weeks of our trip making this place our home.

While we have been here the seasons have melted from a crisp chilly spring into summer and we will escape just before the peak of the heat hits. Here in the french countryside the flowers are in full bloom and there are baby animals in the paddocks. Farmers have cut their hay and it dots the landscape like little punctuation marks.

As the seasons have changed from Spring to Summer so our little Baby B has begun to transition from baby into toddler. He is not walking yet but is so close it could be any moment now that he strikes out to take those first real steps. We’ve had a wobble here and there but I still think he’ll start walking before we leave next Saturday.

In the mean time, I think the best way to recount our experience is through images so here you go…


There are huge fat roses in bloom all over the countryside in France. They look just sublime creeping up the stone walls of the houses in their romantic village settings. Monpazier, where this and the main picture were taken, seemed like a rose garden in itself.


Berries are abundant, juicy and sweet like only truly fresh seasonal produce can be. I really love the way the French embrace the seasons in the way they prepare their food. Here was my little taste of Australia meets France – a Chocolate pavlova with fresh fraises and framboises.


The joys of B being a little older mean that we can go out for longer lunches and he is happy eating along side us in his high chair…

thumb_P6030624_1024 2

Even in fancy places like Le Gindreau in St Medard.


Once the weather started to heat up we took advantage of our neighbour’s pool and swam as many times as we could.


At first B was a bit wary around the water as it had been months since I took him swimming back in Canberra. I’m sure he didn’t remember but now he loves it. I can’t wait to take him to baby swim lessons when we get home.


We went with some neighbours to their local school fete.


B was a bit too small for the jumping castle but he loved all the colours and watching the older kids.


A good time was had by all and it was nice to have a little taste of things to come as B grows up.


While you’d think that all this adventure would help to wear him out…


He’s starting to cut his naps down to one a day. Hopefully this won’t mean too much for the flight home but I think it’ll be better once he starts daycare if he’s only taking one nap a day. His sleep is still rather disturbed but on one particularly exciting day he actually fell asleep during dinner. It was the cutest thing ever but a complete one-off.

I can’t believe we only have one week left! Still we will make the most of the time we have left in la belle France.

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