Our favourite lunch experiences in Paris when travelling with Baby B…


When you think of a holiday to Paris, you cannot possibly leave out french cuisine. Food is more than nourishment to the French, it is their way of life. Buying fresh seasonal produce and fresh baguettes became a regular ritual for the month that we stayed but we explored lots of restaurants and patisseries and went out for lunch almost every day. Below are a few of our favourite spots.

Le Reveille du 10eme – This little neighbourhood bistro is definitely popular, they were almost full to the brim when we went in in the middle of the week. There was no english menu (always a good sign) and the crowd was tres chic. At first they seemed a bit annoyed that we were there with the baby and pram but by the time we left Baby B had won them over with his charm and the fact that he was pretty happy on one of our laps chewing on his baguette. The signature dish we tried there was the escargot and they were tasty buttery garlicky blissful little morsels just as we’d hoped. This restaurant was near the Canal St Martin which is a great area to walk around full of shops including the amazing Thanx God I’m a VIP which is well worth a visit if you are into vintage fashion.

Les Enfants Perdus – This chic eatery is also steps from the Canal St Martin and not far from one of the best bakeries I found in Paris (Liberte). It was probably slightly nicer than I’d usually try and take B to but it was quiet that day so it wasn’t a problem. We had plenty of room to spread out at a table for 4 and didn’t have to worry about space for the pram. There was another family there with some kiddies colouring with crayons so I got the feeling that this place is somewhat more child friendly than I had first thought. The dish I came for was the Pain Perdu (french toast) which was absolutely unbelievable. This was my favourite dessert of the lot.

Cafe Constant  – Clearly extremely popular, we were lucky to get a table. They were happy to have bubs there but our table was pretty inconvenient for a baby. Luckily we were seated next to a lovely american couple who were baby friendly and happy to strike up a conversation. This was lovely as it was the first proper conversation the Husband and I had had with other people (other than on Skype) in a whole month! Their signature dish was their amazing profiteroles which were decadent, delicious and very generously proportioned – not that you would have known that as I inhaled them in minutes with all the gusto of a breastfeeding mum.  Cafe Constant’s duck pie also deserves and honourable mention for being delicious. Baby B loved his share of my meal too. Cafe Constant is in the 7th arrondissement and close to the Eiffel Tower. We went for a walk to the tower and got some happy snaps but didn’t bother lining up. It’s a 5th time I’ve been to Paris and not gone up to the top but I just hate waiting in line.

The other restaurants that deserve a special mention are Briezh Cafe in the Marais where we had delicious crepes – but it was extremely crowded and we were turned away twice before we finally made a reservation – and Glou just near the Briezh cafe where we had delicious gnocchi and a really lovely steak tartare.

Most restaurants in Paris are not equiped for babies with tiny crammed-in tables and definitely no high chairs. We generally juggled B on our laps during our meal which was a bit troublesome but generally worth it for a lovely meal. For us it was a great way to explore parts of Paris that we hadn’t spent a lot of time in. One of my favourite ways to see and experience a place is to eat my way around so this was a lot of fun for me.



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