Our month in Paris…


Tonight as I start writing this post, it is our last night in Paris. I’m filled with a curious mix of happiness that we’ve had so much time here and sadness that it’s already time to leave. I’ve always wanted to live in Paris and figured that this month would be a good tester to see if it was really for me and OH YES IT IS! I wish we never had to leave.

We’ve been here in our little roof-top apartment for the last 5 weeks and even with the 3 of us in just this little one bedroom space we’ve had a lovely time. We’ve created a great routine of going out for lunches and sight-seeing or shopping followed by playing and relaxing at home in the afternoon before dinner and bed.

We have eaten at home every night except one where we went to the sushi restaurant downstairs. The meal was great but not without drama as Baby B knocked over the Husband’s miso soup and squawked pretty loud when the hot soup got on his hand. He didn’t get burnt but he was upset for a while. The restaurant staff were lovely and made a huge fuss over him and by the end of the meal it was all good. Otherwise we’ve eaten at home every night preferring to go out for lunches instead.

It became apparent quite quickly that standard sightseeing wasn’t really the go for us. We could have gone out to Versaille or Giverny but I think that those are things that will be much more fun when we come back with him in a few years and a little stressful at the moment. I’m lucky that I’ve already seen Versaille so I don’t feel I’ve missed out this trip.

My trick was to do a bit of internet research about top meals in Paris and where to find them. Then I made a list of those that sounded most appealing and what sights there were near them. I’ll do another post on these separately but it was a great idea in the end. We’d go out for lunch just after B woke up and then after lunch he’d nap again while we were sight-seeing or shopping, bliss!

We also did heaps of shopping and took it in turns to carry B in the ergo baby while the other went around trying things on. We bought so much that we sent home 1 big 7kg box each of new things (and maybe one or two bulky things we found we didn’t need). I’m so excited to unpack all my new things when I get home and get them into rotation in my wardrobe. There’s nothing I love more than someone asking ‘oh that’s nice, where did you get it?’ and being able to answer, ‘oh I got this in Paris’. 😉

Some of my key purchases include an awesome new leather jacket and some vintage brown leather Converse Chucks. I’ll probably do some kind of holiday haul post when I get home and unwrap everything I’ve sent back. I also went nuts in the French pharmacies buying skincare and shampoo and all sorts of lovely products that I’m really excited about. Luckily we’ll be in France again for the last 2 months of the trip so I can restock before I head home. A lot of the cult favourite french pharmacy products are available in Australia now but they’re cheaper over here.

I’ve had a chance to explore a few areas of Paris that I hadn’t really spent a lot of time looking a in depths. I’ve gotten to know the Marais even better and been shopping a few times in St Germaine and Canal St Martin. I also discovered the 7th arrondissement when doing my PhD research and think that this is perhaps an area that I would like to know better. I just really liked the vibe there and also the buildings in that area are particularly beautiful. To my mind it seems like it would be a lovely part of Paris to live in.

My mood has been so much better over the last month and I’m starting to feel kind of like myself again but a new version of me. I don’t think I’ll ever be the old me again but that’s a good thing I guess. No one has kids without knowing that life is going to change. I think that sometimes it just takes a bit of time to get over the old ways and embrace the new.

I’ve been so content surrounded by beautiful Paris, enjoying walking around the city, shopping, eating, and ‘testing’ as many cheese shops and patisseries as possible. I can’t wait to come back. I know it might be a while away but one day I really do hope we get a chance to live here properly – maybe in the lovely 7th 🙂 .



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