A day in the Marais and a trip to the Cat Cafe!

Yesterday we did one of my favourite things to do in Paris. We spent the day wandering around the Marais.

We are staying in the Marais in the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris. It is probably one of my favourite areas of Paris and I’ve made a concerted effort to stay here the last few times I’ve visited.

I’ve been thinking for a little while now that it’s probably time to expand Baby B’s wardrobe from his usual onesies. I know babies can get away with it but he probably deserves a few proper outfits. So I picked up a few baby Gap tops for him at the Galleries Lafayette and had some fun dressing him up for our outing.


Thanks to Uncle Chou and Aunty Tegan for the mini-chucks!


I think he looked more stylish than we did.

We headed to Breizh Cafe in the Marais to sample their famous crepes but they were fully booked so we wandered for a bit and had lunch in a little bistro a bit further up. We learnt our lesson though and made a reservation for this morning and I’m glad to say that it was well worth the repeat journey (we are only staying 10 minutes walk away but I mean that in a good way).

One of my favourite things about the Marais is the cosy little streets and nooks filled with all sorts of different shops. It’s a very trendy area so most of the shops are on the expensive side but it’s still fun to browse at least and you never know your luck. B usually has a nice long nap in the pram after lunch but once he wakes up he doesn’t like to stay in it for long.


Little man got impatient on the walk so I cuddled him for a while.


Then Daddy took over 😉

We had to fill in some time before our booking at the Cafe des Chats so we popped into a little park for some play time.


A bit of a mum-fail on my part as this piece of play equipment had a minimum age of 2 years and a maximum of 8 but I mean come on! look how much fun he had.


Next we got in some walking practise. He’s nowhere near walking but he likes standing a lot. He’s cruising around the furniture and loves to pull up on my legs. Usually while I’m trying to cook dinner.


Next we headed over to the Cafe des Chats. I’d been dying to take him here for ages to show him the cats. We kept walking past the window and showing him the cats but not going in. Finally we made a booking (they are very popular so this is a good idea) and went for it.


To be honest, there was some mild novelty factor but it wasn’t that amazing. The cats mostly kept away and B didn’t take a lot of notice except when I held him right up to them. thumb__4290187_1024


There was this one cat that kept trying to jump in his pram though. That was kind of cute but annoying at the same time.


All in all it was a lovely day. We have two more days left in Paris and to be honest, I’m a little heart broken that we are leaving. Still there are two more days and a lot can be said for a weekend in Paris.



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