Baby B’s 9 month update…

In 4 days we will be marking 9 months in, 9 months out – wow! This seems like such a huge milestone and Baby B has done some growing to match. Since his 6 month update his life has been such a whirlwind. He’s travelled halfway around the world to London, Cardiff and Paris and the trip isn’t over yet.

He cut his first teeth quite quickly after the last update and now he has 7! Well, the 7th one is only just cutting through but it’s through the gum and that counts I think.

It is probably related, but his sleep is absolutely hopeless. Poor lil bub just can’t seem to link his sleep cycles. He knows when its bed time and knows that its night and he should be asleep but he just doesn’t realise that he needs to lie down to get there. When he wakes up in his cot I go in to find him crying sitting up as though he doesn’t know what to do and why he’s there sitting up awake when he’s so tired.

Because of this he ends up in our bed most of the time. Boob puts him straight back to sleep so if he’s in the bed all I have to do is roll over and pull up my pjs and he’s back to sleep in a minute or two. I have heard of some mums whose bubs wake up every couple of hours and then take half an hour or an hour to settle. I think I would go crazy if this was the case. I know some people have strong opinions about bed-sharing but it’s getting us through right now. He’s such a sweet little thing that it’s almost impossible to be mad at him.


I say almost though, because I’ve certainly had my moments. That’s when some good ol’ teamwork comes in with the Husband. This trip has been amazing for us as a family and it’s so nice for the two of us to have each other’s support all the time and to be able to spend so much time with B while he’s a baby and watch him grow.


B started crawling just after we arrived in London. He had been on the edge for so long and I kept thinking, ‘any day now…’ and it was so sudden. One day he couldn’t crawl the next he was off and knew exactly what he was doing. Now he moves like greased lightening and we are constantly running after him to stop him from getting into everything.

Along with crawling he is constantly pulling up on things.

thumb_P4040089_1024.jpgFurniture, my legs, the walls, and doors. I have to be very careful when I open a door after being in another room just in case he is standing against the other side of it. he tentatively walks along the couch and can go from one piece of furniture to the other but I think he’s a long way off from being able to balance on his own. I’m sure walking will come eventually but not for a couple of months I think.

His favourite things include laptop cords, any cables, power points, phones, the rubbish bin and pretty much anything we try to keep out of his reach.


He has started to show that he understands some words. His name is one and the other is ‘milky’ – pretty self-explanatory I think. He is loads of fun and just wants to play all the time.

He is getting so interactive and I’m so excited waiting for him to start talking. He already babbles and says ‘Mamamama’ all the time but I don’t think there’s any intent behind it yet. I’m very excited for when there will be.

He’s definitely mummy’s boy at the moment which I love. Frankly I think I deserve it after the last 9 months.

As for me, I’m doing so much better than the early months. It’s partly having my husband around all the time now for adult company and to enable me to have a shower or go to the bathroom whenever I need to, and it’s partly Paris. I love being in this city and being on holiday means that I’m in a more generous mindset to myself. I’m much more likely to indulge and splurge on a new beauty product (because I know I’ll get a chance to use it finally) or a treat from the patisserie. I’m shopping heaps and really excited about new clothes that fit and look nice after the last 18 months of maternity clothes and PJs.


This week I also started to run again in the mornings. It’s been a while so its not easy and I’m just doing little jogs for short distances but I’ve been capping it off by climbing the stairs to our rooftop apartment on the 6th floor. The other morning I discovered a cute little park where I can do some lunges and step-ups on the benches mid-workout. There were even some older people doing tai-chi which was lovely to watch. It was like a little bit of zen in the middle of Paris.


So in conclusion we are really starting to get in the groove of family life. B is starting to transition from baby to toddler but is not there yet so I’m glad I get to enjoy what’s left of the baby stage without the fog of the early months.



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