A turn around the Tuileries…

Today Spring has definitely sprung in Paris – how do I know? Not because the weather is nice, it’s been pretty nice on and off for the last few weeks. I know because finally the parisiennes are appearing in short blazers and denim jackets instead of big long wool coats and massive scarves.

It is something that has completely baffled me. I’ve been throwing off my parka in favour of a t-shirt or cardigan for the past two weeks wondering why everyone in Paris was still all rugged up. Apparently the exclusive memo got sent out today that it’s time to ditch the heavy coats and voila! there you have it. We celebrated with a walk through the Jardin du Tuileries.



I’ve also been working on my casual look and have added a few things to my repertoire inspired by the effortless casual cool of the french (still a little out of my reach but I’m working on it). These Adidas Stan Smiths were something that I’ve been considering for a long time and after combing the sports shops of Paris I finally found green ones in my size. (they were sold out at 3 other shops!)


I also bought these coral chinos and a check scarf. B is loving people watching and is getting increasingly better at going out for lunch. He loves baguettes and is quite discerning in his bread judgement.


Ugh – on another note, post partum hair loss = grey regrowth yuck! and here I was thinking I could wait until my 30s to start colouring my hair. On another note I’m thinking of getting a fringe a la Caroline de Maigret but not sure if it will suit my face. More than one evening has found me stuck in front of the mirror trying to simulate a fringe with my hair and asking the Husband repeatedly ‘do you think a fringe would suit me?’ He’s pretty much stopped responding.




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