Our month in London!

I can’t believe how fast this time has gone. Our stay in London is nearly at an end. This was something that I’ve been looking forward to for a really long time. I’ve always wanted to live overseas and given that our jobs and house are in Australia and things are really good in that regard I doubt we’ll be living overseas any time in the near future. As such this was it. A month in London – our chance to get a taste.

We both agree that we’ve really enjoyed being here. I think it helps that we’ve been in a really central neighbourhood. The apartment is also really spacious and so we’ve been very comfortable. I think if we were to recreate the experience on a more permanent basis we’d need to have  a lot of money. Maybe one day if we are really lucky it’ll happen.

Travelling with a baby has many variations. Some people choose to backpack and some choose to move around more. We wanted to make things as easy as possible so we’ve gone to the effort of trying to recreate a home life in our destinations. We are mostly staying in each place for at least a month aside from a few side trips and we are mostly staying in houses and apartments with full kitchens so we can do our own cooking.

We’ve generally chosen to go out during the day as well rather than at night or for dinner as it’s much easier to let Baby B have his normal bed time and then we don’t have to stress at all about whether he’ll have a meltdown because he’s tired.

Sleep has gone ok as far as the jet lag goes. He is pretty settled in terms of what is night and day but he’s teething and in the middle of a wonder week so he’s waking regularly through the night and sleep isn’t really happening for mum and dad.

As far as tourist activities go, neither myself nor the Husband are into traditional touristy gimmicks. We prefer to catch up with friends and just explore and get to know the cities we are staying in. However there are some amazing things to see so we have tried to get out and about as much as we can.

With Baby B, we went to Kensington Palace, the V&A museum and the Natural History Museum. We also went to Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, although the State rooms weren’t open so we couldn’t go in. We went for walks around Kensington and to Holland Park which was lovely and walked around Hyde Park which was right next to our accomodation. We also went to Portobello Road market which was crowded but still fun.


We also went over to Andrew’s cousin’s place which was really lovely. It’s nice to keep in touch with family and lovely to be able to socialise while travelling with a baby. It’s easy enough to meet people if you’re backpacking and staying at a hostel, not so much when you are travelling as a family and staying in rented accomodation.


We have had several pyjama days which is nice too. I think you need those when travelling, especially after a rough night. Staying in one place for a while means you have a bit more space to do that as you don’t have as much pressure to cram in lots of sightseeing.

The Husband and I have also each had a little time to ourselves to do some of the holiday activities we like to do best. He has gone to the pub with his cousin a few times to hang out and also went to a soccer game and I had my luxurious michelin star lunch.

There are still things that I would like to see in London so I know it won’t be the last time we come. I’d still like to spend more time in galleries and I’d love to go to Windsor Castle. I think some activities will be better when B is older. We probably won’t come over again until then anyway so I’m sure it’ll be easier next time to fit in more sightseeing. In fact I’m sure B will insist upon it.

Our next stop is a little side trip to Wales to visit my Aunt and Uncle and cousins there and after that it’s onto Paris!



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