Top 5 baby items I could do without…

A while ago I did a top 5 products that I loved. Here are a few things that I could have done without:

  1. A battery operated swing. This came highly recommended from a lot of people and I know it works for many but Baby B never took to it. We put him in it on the first day home from the hospital and it wasn’t a hit. However, it was one of the few things that we bought new so we persisted and eventually admitted defeat after 6 months of rejection. He was too big for it by then anyway.
  2. Swaddle blankets. (As in the cotton/muslin ones) This will be controversial and I did use them and found them very useful, but not as useful as everyone said. I got several as presents and bought a bunch of them too but I think 4 would have done the job and I had way more than that. Recently while packing things away for our trip I packed away the swaddles and there were many that had never been used. I suppose they are more useful if you use them as feeding covers or spew rags but B isn’t a spewy baby and I don’t use a cover.
  3. Baby jeans. OMG don’t even go there. Just don’t. Zippy wondersuits! and MORE zippy wonder suits! (At least until they’re about 1)
  4. Lots of baby toiletries. I bought several different types of organic and eco-friendly baby toiletries. Creams, lotions, shampoo, massage oil… lot of things. 1 year on and most of it is unused. The ‘organic’ cream gave him nappy rash and in the end good old sudocrem and amolin are the only things that work for us. As far as washes and lotions go – Babies aren’t that dirty. Plain water and maybe a bit of dermaveen cleansing oil are all you need in the early days. I also do baby massage after showers and use sunflower or coconut oil and this is all the moisturising I’ve ever needed.
  5. Bumbo. Now I was warned about this but B was so keen on being upright and sitting that I thought it would be a good idea. In the end he just flopped over to the side whenever I put him in it and I will be advertising it on Gumtree soon. When baby is ready to sit they will sit.

There are always going to be things that work for some and not for others. My advice is to wait it out and try before you buy. We didn’t buy a bouncer because we had the swing but he never liked the swing and when I was at a friend’s house we tried her bouncer and never looked back.

Borrow what you can and buy everything (except the car seat) second hand. There are a million things going for a song on the trading post and most parents just want to get rid of their baby stuff as soon as they are done with it. We bought a play gym for $10 and the seller threw in a whole bag of toys and a play tent and tunnel with it just to get rid of them.

It’s fun to buy new baby things but in all honesty, they use them for such a short time and there is so much available out there second hand or just to borrow from friends and family. If you love something and want to buy it after you’ve tried it then at least you’ll know that your baby will use it and love it.

Spread the love and remember most of the time if you buy something for $20 on the trading post you can sell it for $20 on the trading post but if you buy it new you will certainly make a loss. Also remember buying second hand is better for the environment as well as your bank account and with all those disposable nappies you’ll probably use, that thought may help to ease your conscience somewhat.

If you must buy new cute clothes then buy them for 1 year + as they grow more slowly after then and will get more use out of the outfits. They are also a but easier to dress – more squirming but less screaming.

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