My child is a genius!

Hehe not really…or maybe, I don’t know yet! Isn’t it wonderful how all parents take so much joy in their little bundle’s milestones. We all think they are oh soooooo ad-vahnced!

Here are Baby B and me having some fun at my piano.

I hope that B will take an interest in music. He doesn’t have to of course and I won’t make him play if he doesn’t want to, but familiarising him with the piano from day one is my little ploy to get him interested.

It’s amazing to speculate on all of the things he might do one day. Lucky our babies don’t understand us yet or what would they make of all the dreams that we heap on their tiny little shoulders. If you listen to B’s Grandad (my dad) he’ll have you believing that B is going to be captain of the Wallabies, the Australian test cricket captain, Prime Minister (or better yet, President of Australia) and maybe an astronaut for good measure.

At the end of the day my wish for my darling boy is just that he is happy and healthy. I want him to have every opportunity for his dreams to come true.

He is so lucky to have been born with so many privileges that many don’t have. Firstly he is male, which is a privilege in itself, he will have an education and will always have a roof over his head. These things alone mean that he is already doing better than so many babies in the world.

So in addition to being happy and healthy I hope that he grows up to be responsible, grateful and kind so that he can make the world a better place. – In more ways than just his adorable lil smile!



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