Fun in the sun with my little guy

Today we had a splash in the paddle pool at Aunty K’s house. This is the first time I’ve donned a bikini since before I was pregnant and even though we were just around family I was a bit nervous. In fact the only reason I wasn’t in my trusty one piece is that it is already packed in preparation for our big trip.

In the end I got over myself and just enjoyed a splash. My body is what it is and I feel like I look ok so that’s all that matters. My son isn’t going to look back on these pictures and notice my mummy tummy or that my bikini top is nowhere big enough for my breastfeeding bust size – no he will look at these and think, ‘aww my mum played with me heaps when I was little’.

Be kind to yourself and focus on what matters 🙂 a smile is a start and in a pinch, babies are a great way to hide the mummy tummy in pictures!




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