Baby B 6 Month Update

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we brought Baby B home from the hospital on a cold late July day. I remember desperately looking forward to him reaching 6 months when I would hopefully have it all together and know what to do.

Truth be told, it is much easier now and I have a lot more together than I did but there is still so much unknown with a bub that I’m sure no one ever knows exactly what they are doing.

At 6 Months B is doing splendidly. He is weighing in along the 50th percentile and same for height so he’s a big boy but not unusually so and gaining well for his age. His head however, has stayed up on the 97th percentile since he was born – lots of room for lots of brains ha!

We have no teeth yet but he does like to chew on things a bit. People ask me about this a lot but I’m not worried. Teeth will come when they come and hopefully it won’t be too painful for the little man.

We have started solid foods now. I made a few attempts at some baby led weaning but the purees just seem much easier. So I give him some small amounts of purees to introduce him to different foods once or twice a day and some finger food in the evening – usually broccoli or a rusk – so that he gets a chance to play at feeding himself. Other than that he is still exclusively breastfed. I am very lucky to still be doing this. There were times in the beginning when we were supplementing with formula and I thought it might not happen but I’m very glad its worked out for us.

B isn’t crawling quite yet but he’s got a bit of a commando shuffle going on and is almost getting up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. I think it definitely won’t be long.

While at 4 months we had a blissful few weeks of sleeping through the night, that changed when he started to roll and needed to be unswaddled. He still sleeps quite well. On a good night he’ll wake for 1 feed but a normal night is 2 wakes usually around 1am and 4am and he is up for the day around 7. A bad night is 3 or more wakes but that is rare. I get a lot of questions about this but I’m not worried. I believe it’s normal for breastfed babies to wake at night and as the wakes are usually a quick feed and back to bed within 15-20 mins I can easily cope.

Nap times are still pretty changeable but he usually wants a nap after 2 hours of being awake and will take 3 naps a day lasting between 30 mins and 2 hours.

When he’s awake we do lots of play with toys on his mat on the floor and if I need to do something like shower or eat lunch I’ll put him in his activity centre or sometimes the Jolly Jumper. I have read that these aren’t great for development so I don’t leave him in there for longer than 10 mins or so at a time.

He loves to chatter and is very interactive. He’s a social little man and people are always commenting on how laid back and happy he is. We are lucky he’s not highly strung and is mostly calm around new people although it can take him a little while to warm up. I’m glad about this though as I like that he differentiates between strangers and people he knows well.

I’m feeling much better about things and finally able to feel some control over my days and whether or not I’ll be able to get certain tasks done throughout the day. This is a big difference for me from the early days. I still have an off day where B might be more high maintenance for whatever reason but I’m able to be a lot more philosophical about it now because I know it’s just that day and tomorrow might be totally different.



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  1. Nat says:

    Sounds like you are all doing so well – I love your approach of not worrying when people ask you about certain things, it’s the key to sanity in motherhood!!!


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