Watching him become ‘Daddy’

You meet a few new people when you become a mum. Obviously you meet Baby but you also meet ‘Mummy’ and VERY importantly you meet ‘Daddy’ for the first time.

Before we became parents we talked extensively about the roles we saw ourselves taking as parents but, as with all things to do with parenthood, we didn’t realise how the transition would happen on its own. It was as though the universe turned us into parents and forgot to consult us on who would do what.

I had a traumatic birth that required significant recovery and so the burden was on those around me to get me and B through the newborn months. I was so unbelievably lucky that my amazing mum came to stay and help out and the Husband was able to take 6 whole weeks off work!

This meant that I really saw first hand in those early days just what kind of man I had married and what kind of father he could be. It hadn’t occurred to me the extent to which he would change and grow the second B made his appearance earth-side.

In many ways I had felt as though I was taking up every spare second that he had beyond taking care of himself and work while I was pregnant. I was 92kg of heart-burney mess and I was worried that there was no room left for B when he came out. However, I found that Dad’s heart expands and makes room for Baby just like Mum’s does.

It’s certainly not all love hearts and wistful smiles. There are lots of tears and frustrations but in creating life you forge a partnership that truly is for better or for worse. In the first few months you both experience some crazy highs and lows but the intensity of it all is quite an amazing thing to share with someone else. Watching the person you love become a parent is the second most amazing thing about parenting.

B and I are very blessed.



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