My top 5 mama products

I am one of those mums who just loves to get ‘stuff’ for baby. When I was pregnant I went crazy with clothes and did so much research about what kind of pram, what kind of bath products – you name it, I had picked an option. Now in hindsight I’ll tell you what really worked for me.

  1. The Ergopouch hybrid 2in1 swaddle (as modelled by Baby B). These were amazing. Baby B was born big at 4kg and he loved a nice tight swaddle to go to sleep in. The combination of these factors meant that it wasn’t long before he was strong enough to Houdini his way out of even his Dad’s most tightly wrapped efforts. These were a great answer. They’re not cheap but the press studs at the arm holes mean they double as sleeping bags, so they last long beyond swaddle time. I largely attribute B’s 4th month sleeping through the night to these. He is well and truly unswaddled now (and unfortunately sleeping through the night is on hiatus) but these are still his main sleeping bags so they were a good investment too I think.
  2. Scarves This wasn’t exactly a purchase but B just loved playing with colourful scarves. It was an almost failsafe way to settle him and from what I’ve read, a good way to develop body awareness in babies and they love the colours. I would use scarves from my wardrobe that I already had and the Husband’s lovely cousin gave us a bright blue one that came from her collection from when her little girl was a bub.
  3. Bonds zippy wonder suits Loving fashion as I do, I resolved to make my little B the most stylish kid on the block. Before he was born he had all sorts of gorgeous little outfits in the first few sizes. Now, on principle, I made sure he wore most of them at least once but there was an entirely different reality. I was tired, babies are messy and B HATED being changed and would scream his little heart out the whole time. Once I discovered these awesome zippy suits I haven’t looked back. They are great quality, come in the cutest prints and…zips! Because ain’t nobody got time for press-studs at 3am.
  4. Ergobaby 360 This was one of the few things that I was able to persuade the Husband we should buy new and it has repaid the investment a million times over. In the early days mums often find it more difficult to settle bub. This is totally normal since you smell like a magical milk bar and daddy doesn’t, but at the time it can make you feel a bit hopeless. I would strap B into this and like a switch he was out and he would nap in it happily while I bounced around the living room watching movies and enjoying having my hands free. It still works now for nap time on the go and general baby wearing fun. It’s also adaptable to a variety of positions and I’ve even used it for breastfeeding.
  5. Bouncinette We have a Bright Starts one that we borrowed from my lovely Sister-in-law but any one will do. B loved sitting in it and it finally meant I had somewhere to put him down while I prepped food or had a shower. He’s starting to outgrow it now but we would even bring it with us when we went to people’s houses for dinner as it meant we could eat our meals in peace while B giggled at our feet having a bounce and playing with his scarf.

Now I love talking about things that have worked for me so this won’t be the last of this kind of post but these are most definitely my top 5 essentials.



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